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The palace was rebuilding two houses in the years 1714-1716, designed by Francis Maxmilina Kanka for Count Jan Josef von Wallenstein, in whose possession the houses themselves in the year 1709 Palace later acquired Furstenberg and in 1881 it bought Palffy of Erdod. Today is this building one of the buildings of the Prague Conservatory and at the local concert hall are held a concerts of graduated students.


History and circumstances: 

In 1995, when editing in the northern parts of the palace in connection with the extensive reconstruction of the Palace gardens under Prague Castle discovered in the eastern section of the perimeter wall of masonry blocks with smaller relic of the net. Due to the construction method used is not entirely clear whether it is a relic from the time the walls of the newly planted Lesser in 1257, of an earlier Romanesque masonry. 

Plot palace adjacent to the line of the former city walls from the inside (the foundations of the wall sections were later captured by the Wallenstein Palace courtyard). At the north end of the Palace wall was also unveiled a relic of a small gate with neprofilovaným lining, so it is not clear whether this way led earlier entry into the walled city - in this case could present Waldstein street races occur until later, when there existed Písecká gate (because this way went to the village on the sands at the bottom of today's square at Klar). Older houses were apparently damaged during the Hussite wars and again were hit with fire Lesser Town and Prague Castle in the 1541

In the years 1580-1592 there was a major Renaissance construction. Two separate houses not only joined in 1709 by Count Jan Josef von Wallenstein, who then conducted an extensive Baroque style. 

For subsequent partial repair is worth mentioning the establishment of a classicist fountain in the courtyard. In 1881, Eduard Palffy Palace bought from Erdodu. Already in 1902 the state sold the building to ship archive and mounted police station. 


After 1948 

Since 1950, the building was owned by the Ministry of Information and later cultures (eg. Lived here some workplaces Heritage Institute). Now it houses one of the branches of the Prague Conservatory. 


Rod Pálffy 

Pálffyové are relatively young noble family, who came to prominence in the early reign of the Habsburgs in Hungary in the first half of the 16th century. In the battle of Mohacs in 1526, died along with the Czech and Hungarian King Louis Jagiello also many members of the high clergy and the Hungarian nobility. Among them i Lőrinc (Lawrence) Palffy. His descendants after the onset of the Habsburgs to the Hungarian throne added to the side of the new ruler, and Hapsburgs remained faithful until the dissolution of Austria-Hungary. 

Pálffyové were originally yeoman gender. First received baronial title in the 16th and 17th centuries was promoted rod between the counts and in the 19th century the two family branches right to use the title of prince. 

Genealogy is very complicated, because the genus richly ramified. 

In the 18th century there was a double major division of the property. During the first division in 1707, the family split into two major branches - the older, the founder became Count Miklós József (Joseph Nicholas) Palffy (1657-1732) and his wife Catherine Elizabeth, born Weichsovou-, and younger, founded by Nicholas' brother Earl János (John) Bernard Palffy (1663-1751) and his wife Anna Teresa, born Coborovou. 

In 1735 saw the second division of the property. The result was the division of family agreement older branch of the family on three separate lines that created grandsons Nicholas Joseph Pálffyho. The founder of Malacca line became Santa Claus Josef Palffy (1710 - 1773) and his wife Anna Sidonia, born Althanovou. The founder Stupavsky line was Lipot István (Stephen Leopold) Palffy (1716 - 1773) with his wife Maria Josepha, born Wallenstein and founder červenokamenské line of the family was Rudolf József Palffy (1719-1768) and his wife Mary Eleanor, born Kounicova. The names of these three lines are derived from the place that was their main residence. 

Červenokamenská line family resided in the castle Cerveny Kamen, who was the first family wealth and status Pálffy headquarters of the genus he held until 1945 Pálffyové acquired it in 1583 and it genus permanently inhabited since 1588, when its reconstruction was completed on representative family residence. Castle vyženil significant Hungarian soldier and politician Nicholas Palffy (1552 - 1600), when he married the heiress of the property to Mary Magdalene Fugger. The last owner of the red stone was Karol Maria, Count Palffy (1905 - 1992), who left the castle together with his mother in late March, 1945. 


Well-known members of the family: 

Miklós Palffy from Erdődy (1552-1600) - Hungarian soldier, politician and diplomat 

Ján (Bernard) Palffy from Erdődy (1663-1751) - Hungarian soldier and politician (Palatino), signatory Satmárského peace 

Lipot Palffy from Erdődy (1764-1825) - Hungarian soldier 

Ferdinánd Palffy from Erdődy (1774-1840) - a theater director and mining 

János Palffy from Tarcsafalvy (1804-1857) - Hungarian politician 

Móric Palffy from Erdődy (1812-1897) - Hungarian soldier and politician 


Eduard Palffy from Erdodu (1836-1915) - Austrian and Czech nobleman, landowner and politician

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2015 Cabernet Moravia, Vinařství Kosík
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2012 Merlot P.S. Vinum Palavinese, Vinařství Michlovský
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2006/2012 Pinot Noir Ben's Reserve, Stapleton Springer
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2014 Riesling Reserva, Lucien Albrecht
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2014 Pinot Blanc de Blanc, Lucien Albrecht
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2015 Chardonnay "Cap Cette" Les Costieres des Pommerols
690,00 CZk


2014 Pouilly Fume Domaine Chatelain
1 090,00 CZk

2014 Sancerre Pascal Jolivet
1 590,00 CZk


2014 Chablis AOC Jean Durup
1 190,00 CZk

2014 Pouilly Fusse Domaine des Poncetys
1 390,00 CZk

2014 Chablis 1er Cru Fourvhame Jean Durup
1 590,00 CZk

2012 Chassagne Montrachet Domaine Lamy Pilot 
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2014 Colle Stefano Verdicchio di Matelica
790,00 CZk

2015 Pinot Grigio Colterenzio DOC Alto Adige
890,00 CZk

2104 Gavi di Gavi Villa Sparina DOCG Piemonte
990,00 CZk

2014 Sauvignon Prail Colterenzio DOC Alto Adige
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2013 Sauvignon Blanc Reserva, Reguingua, Puerto Viejo
790,00 CZk

2010 Chardonnay Reserva, Wina Toro d'Oro
990,00 CZk



2015 Grüner Veltliner Fred Loimer Kamptal AOC
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New Zealand

2013 Siding Hill Sauvignon Blanc , Auntsfield Estate
920,00 CZk


South Afrika

2013 Sauvignon Blanc, Saam
790,00 CZk


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2014 Pellehaut, Harmonie de Gascogne, Mathieau Beraut
690,00 CZk

2014 Montej Roso Di Monferato, Vila Sparina DOC Italy
790,00 CZk

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France 0,75l



2013 Bourgogne Pinot Noir Bouchard Haut Cotes de Beaune
990,00 CZk

2013 Pommard Chateau de Beaune Bouchard
1 590,00 CZk

2011 Aloxe Corton Premier Cru Thibault Liger Belair
4 210,00 CZk

2000 Gevrey Chambertin Maison Roche Bellene
11 900,00 CZk

1992 Richebourg Grand Cru Remoissent Péere Fils
22 900,00 CZk


2012 Chateau Lamothe - Cissac AOC Cru Grand Bourgeois
950,00 CZk

2013 Chateau Lafitte AOC
990,00 CZk

2013 Chateau Martet, Luise Mitjavile, Saint-Foy Bordeaux
1 990,00 CZk

2011 Chateau Grand  - Puy - Lacoste -, 5éme Cru Classé, Pauillac
3 900,00 CZk

Saint Emilion

2011 Chateau Canon 1er Grand Cru Classé
5 700,00 CZk

2011 Chateau Figeac 1er Grand Cru Classé
6 800,00 CZk


2003 Chateau Palmer
8 900,00 CZk

1995 Chateau Lascombes, Grand Cru Classé
6 890,00 CZk


2008 Chateau de Sales AOC
1 590,00 CZk

2011 Chateau Petit - Village
3 010,00 CZk

1981 Chateau Petrus Gran Vin Du Pomerol
39 995,00 CZk

Saint - Julien

2010/11 Les Fiels de Lagrange - Propriétaire Saint Julien Beychevelle
2 980,00 CZk

1999 Chateau Beychevelle, 4éme Cru Classé
6 999,00 CZk

Cotes du Rhone 

2010 Chatenauf du pape, E. Guigal
2 590,00 CZk


Les Cresisses, Philipe Chesnelong, Valros Hérault
1 150,00 CZk


Italy 0,75l

2013 Montej Barbera del Monferato, Villa Sparina DOC
790,00 CZk

2013 Chianti Classico Castello di Verazzano DOCG
990,00 CZk

2010 Monte Colombo, Barbera d'Asti, Marchesi di Gresy
1 590,00 CZk

2012 Barolo Monfalleto, Cordero di Montezemolo DOCG
1 890,00 CZk

2011 Brunello di Montalcino Lissini DOCG
2 590,00 CZk

2006 Barolo Negretti di Alessandria Graziella
2 990,00 CZk


Chille 0,75l

2008 Malbec Botalcura la Porfia Grand Reserve
1 590,00 CZk


South Africa 0,75l

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Saam
1 190,00 CZk


New Zealand 0,75l

2009 Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir
1 590,00 CZk

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